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The Eastern League

The cities composing the Eastern League circuit are Toronto, Canada;
Buffalo, N.Y.; Rochester, N.Y.; Syracuse, N.Y.; Providence, R.I.;
Springfield, Mass.; Scranton,, Pa., and Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

The officers are; P.T. Powers, President, Secretary and Treasurer;
headquarters, A.G. Spalding & Bros., 126 Nassau St., New York.

Board of Directors: James Franklin, Buffalo; George N. Kuntzsch,
Syracuse; William H. Draper, Providence, and E.F. Bogert, Wilkes-Barre.

The base ball magnates of the Eastern League held their annual schedule
meeting at the Fifth Avenue Hotel March 13th.

These delegates were present: President P.T. Powers, James Franklin and
Charles H. Morton, Buffalo ; E.A. Johnson and John M. Battey,
Providence; Charles F. Leimgruber and J.C. Chapman, Rochester; William
Barnie, Scranton; I.E. Sanborn and Thomas E. Burns, Springfield; George
N. Kuntzsch, Syracuse; William Stark and Charles Maddock, Toronto;
E.F. Bogert, L.W. Long and Dan Shannon, Wilkes-Barre.

The League has a great staff of umpires for this season, as will be seen
from the following list appointed at the meeting: Tim C. Hurst, of
Ashland, Pa.; Herman Doescher, of Binghamton; John H. Gaffney, of
Worcester, and Charles N. Snyder, of Washington. It was voted to
increase the staff to five, and President Powers will sign another
umpire. He will also keep a number of reserve men in readiness to fill
in as substitutes in place of local men, as formerly.

The constitution was subjected to a few minor changes, the most
important being the change of date for the payment of the guarantee to
finish the season ($250 per club) from May 1st to April 15th.

John Depinet, of Erie, and Lawrence T. Fassett, of Albany, were elected
honorary members of the League, with all privileges of games, etc.

The Eastern League adopted the Spalding League Ball as the Official Ball
for 1895, and it will be used in all League games.

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